Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Possibility of using nonoparticles in biosensor for biogenic amin detection            0000-00-00
2    Modelling of physicochemical characteristics of bell pepper during storage with Artificial Neural Network            0000-00-00
3    Optimization of pomegrante powder production            0000-00-00
4    Optimization of Carrot Pastille Formulation and Modeling of Mass Transfer Kinetic During Hot Air-Drying            0000-00-00
5    Simulation of Mouth to study flavor release in a model food system            0000-00-00
6    fermentative production of Kimchi, isolation and identification of lactic acid bacteria in it, especially probiotic species            0000-00-00
7    production of tradiotional and fermentative tarkhineh,and determination of physochemical microbiological charechteristices in it.            0000-00-00
8    Application of Fuzzy Logic in modelling of mass transfer during deep-fat frying            0000-00-00
9    Conditions of production and fermentation characteristics pofineh snacks (produced by tarkhineh)            0000-00-00
10    Application of silhouette imaging for construction of 3-d images            0000-00-00
11    Study of Ethno Botany of Medicinal Plants with Emphasize on Effective compounds of pharmaceutial herbs in County Jajarm, Shomali Khorasan Province            0000-00-00
12    Physicochemical and functional properties of extracted mucilage from Melissa officinalis seed            0000-00-00
13    Evaluation of Using Milk Protein Concentrate in Low Fat Ice Creams and Optimization of Its Formulation with Response Surface Methodology    M.Sc.    Mostafavi Taraghi, Fatemeh Sadat    2010-06-02
14    Modeling and comparison of the deep fat frying process of Reshte under vacuum and atmospheric condition    Ph.D    Shahidi Yasaghi, Seyed Ahmad    2010-10-05
15    Evaluation of formulation, coating and frying conditions on kinetics of mass transfer, engineering properties and sensory characteristics of deep fat fried Falafel.    M.Sc.    hasanpoor, nasim    2010-12-07
16    Study on quality characteristics of camel burger and evaluating its stability during frozen storage    M.Sc.    Heydari, Fatemeh    2011-02-01
17    Evaluation of chitosan and white egg coating on kinetics of mass transfer, physicochemical and sensory properties of deep fat fried Kurdish cheese nugget and simulation using Deep-fried Crust Model    M.Sc.    AnsariFar, Elham    2011-02-01
18    The Effect of \\\\\\\"Spiulina platensis\\\\\\\" on Physicochemical, Sensory and Microbial Properties of Yogurt    M.Sc.    Tavakoli Lahijani, Seyed Amir    2011-03-01
19    Production and evaluation of physicochemical properties of hesperetin nanocarrier and modeling its mass transfer during release using cellular automata    Ph.D    Fathi, Milad    2011-03-02
20    Optimizatio of spray drying of kashk powder    Ph.D    Ghassem zadeh, Raheleh    2011-04-21
21    : Evaluation of osmotic dehydration as a pretreatment in hot-air drying and vacuum drying of pear and optimization of drying conditions with response-surface methodology    M.Sc.    Amiripour, Mojtaba    2011-05-24
22    Application of Rapid Electronic Nose Method to Detect Onset of Spoilage in Kilka Fish    M.Sc.    vajdi, meisam    2011-05-24
23    Evaluation of enzyme-modified cheese, whey protein concentrate and guar gum application for improvement of functional and organoleptic characteristics of imitation cheese containing sodium caseinate    M.Sc.    hosseini, marzie    2011-07-12
24    study effect of drying, edible coating and storage conditions on quality and shelf life of green raisin    Ph.D    ayoubi, azam    2011-12-11
25    Production and evaluation of stability of Sage Seed oil Nanostructured Lipid Carriers    Ph.D    Bostan, Aram    2012-01-29
26    Study of the effect of different levels hydrocolloids (agar and guar) and micro-algae Spirulina platensis on physicochemical and sensory properties of kiwifruit pastille    M.Sc.    Khazaei, Esmail    2012-01-31
27    Optimization of Process Parameters in Foaming and Evaluation of Mass Transfer Kinetics in Foam Mat Drying of Shrimp( Penaeus indicus)    M.Sc.    Azizpour, Mehran    2012-02-28
28    Optimization of Process Parameters for foam mat drying of mushroom (Agaricus bisporus ) Puree    M.Sc.    paseban, atena    2012-03-13
29    Effect of wheat flour, soy flour and water on the quality characteristics of hamburger    M.Sc.    gholamzadeh virani, maryam    2012-03-13
30    Evaluation effect of packaging and edible coating on quality of exporting raisin    M.Sc.    Yousef tabar miri, Najmeh    2012-03-14
31    The Effect of Ultrasound Treatment on the Functional Properties of Lentil (Lens culinaris Medik. cv. Kimia) Flour and Proteins Isolate    M.Sc.    Shokrollahi yancheshmeh, Behdad    2012-05-01
32    Effect of xanthan and Lepidium perfoliatum seed gum on rheological, microstructural and quality of reduced fat cake    M.Sc.    Amirabadi, Sepideh    2012-05-01
33    Lethal and sublethal effects of microwave radiation on Callosobruchus maculatus (Col: Bruchidae) and nutritional quality of the cowpea seeds Vigna unguiculata    M.Sc.    saburi, shahrbanoo    2012-09-08
34    : Effect of antifungal plant extract mangrove )Avicennia marina(    M.Sc.    alizadeh behbahani, behrooz    2012-11-06
35    The possibility of flavor encapsulation (case study: Limonene) in layer by layer colloidosome and modeling of its release based on fuzzy logic    Ph.D    Amiryousefi, Mohammad Reza    2012-11-13
36    Production of colloidosomes as Dieacetyl carrier and modelling of it`s release using multi-agent systems    Ph.D    Zandi, Mohsen    2012-11-13
37    Effects of soy protein isolate and Qodume shahri (Lepidium perfoliatum) seed gum on batter flow properties and mass transfer kinetics of chicken nugget during deep frying    M.Sc.    mahdaviyan mehr, hamed    2012-12-18
38    effect of adding soy protein concentrate to Doughnut on its mass transfer, physical properties and the retrogradation behavior    M.Sc.    ghaitaranpour, arash    2012-12-18
39    Effects of Qodume shahri (Leidium perfoliatum) and xanthan gums on the rheological properties of dough and quality of bread made from wheat-sorghum composite flour    M.Sc.    bagheri, hadi    2012-12-25
40    Effect of agar and pectin and drying condition on physicochemical and sensory properties of Almond pastille    M.Sc.    sadeghi, fatemeh    2012-12-25
41    investigation of the effect of Carboxymethyl cellulose, tracagant agar and glycerol on the physical properties of edible sheet based on cucurbita pepo    M.Sc.    torabi, asghar    2013-01-01
42    Effect of glyserol and stearic acide on the physical and barrier properties of Lepidium perfoliatum seed gum biodegradable film    M.Sc.    Seyedi, Samira    2013-01-08
43    Effect of Sodium caseinate, whey protein isolate, albumin and gelatin on sensory and physicochemical properties of chocolate mousse    M.Sc.    mirarab, saeed    2013-01-15
44    E-spun Cellulose Acetate Nanofiber Mats Containing a Herbal-Froriepia subpinnate- Extract/ White-cheek Shark (Carcharhinus dussumieri) Fish Skin Gelatin Nanocomposite Edible Films: Fabrication, Structure and Characteristic    Ph.D    Shahiri Tabarestani, Hoda    2013-01-28
45    Identification and isolation of cake molds based on culturing and molcular methods and modelling of germination and radial growth rate for two dominant spoilage molds    Ph.D    nakhchian, hassan    2013-01-28
46    Mathematical simulation of cinnamon flavor release in mouth using CFD    Ph.D    Samanian, Nargess    2013-01-30
47    A Study on the Effect of pH, Salt Concentration and Pasteurization Temperature on the Serum Separation of Doogh (Iranian Yoghurt Drink)    M.Sc.    DEHGHAN DEHNAVI, MOjTABA    2013-04-16
48    Source tracking of Male specific(F+) RNA on lettuce in Nyshabour as a surrogate of enteric viruses using reverse transcription-PCR    M.Sc.    yazdi, mojgan    2013-04-23
49    Male specific (F+) RNA bacteriophages source tracking as a surrogate of enteric viruses on parsley and Allium ampeloprasum.L in Neyshabour using RT-PCR    M.Sc.    shahrampour, dina    2013-04-23
50    Study of Effective Factors on Spray Drying of ‎Barberry Juice Concentrante (Berberis vulgaris) ‎and Detemination of Optimal Conditions    Ph.D    ghollasi, atefeh    2013-04-29
51    Optimization of process parameters for spirulina platensis foam-mat drying    M.Sc.    Atarodi, Mohammad Reza    2013-06-18
52    Investigation of Digestion Process of Native and Modified Wheat Starch in Model System and Modeling of Glucose Release using Fuzzy Logic    Ph.D    Yousefi, Alireza    2013-11-19
53    Survival of pathogenic enteric viruses on lamb and poultry meat at different conditions, using entrobacteriophage MS2 as a surrogate of enteric viruses    Ph.D    pezeshki, parnian    2013-11-20
54    Production of phycocyanin nanocarriers from Spirulina platensis and evaluation of physicochemical properties    Ph.D    yagoubi, Amin    2013-11-23
55    Ultrasonic assisted nanoemulsification and encapsulation of Thyme Essential Oil    Ph.D    miri.ghalenovi, mina    2013-11-23
56    application of chitosan edible and antimicrobial coating and ozone on extending of mazafati date shelf life    Ph.D    sarhadi, hamid    2013-11-25
57    microencapsulation of spearmint oil by spray drying method    M.Sc.    hosseinzadeh, setareh    2013-12-17
58    Evaluation of Red bean Flour and Tragacanth Gum in Batter Formulation and Post Frying Methods on Oil Adsorbtion of Deep Fat Fried Meat Nugget    M.Sc.    Farokhi, Farnaz    2014-02-04
59    Physical, mechanical and barrier properties of Lepidium perfoliatum seed gum - grass pea (Lathyrus sativus) protein isolate biodegradable film    M.Sc.    ebrahimi, seyedeh elham    2014-02-04
60    Survey on WPC (Whey Protein Concentrate) function in formation and stability of cheese foam and optimization of cheese powder production using foam mat drying    M.Sc.    izadi, touba    2014-03-11
61    The effects of emulsifiers (Lecithin, PGE and DMG) and sounications on eggless cake properties    M.Sc.    Khalilian movahed, Mohammad    2014-04-15
62    Foam Mat Drying of Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo) Pulp: Optimization of Foaming Conditions and Investigation of Powder Properties    M.Sc.    salahi, mohammad reza    2014-04-15
63    Preparation of modified-nanoliposomes containing orange oil by Heating method    M.Sc.    Neshastehgir, Muhammad hussein    2014-05-06
64    : Optimization of Process Parameters in Foaming and Evaluation of Mass Transfer Kinetics in Foam Mat Drying of Kilka fish    M.Sc.    hasan zadeh, farnaz    2014-05-06
65    Investigation on the effect of the extraction conditions and concentration of Fenugreek hydrocolloid on the physical and chemical stability of Kilka fish oil-in-water emulsion    Ph.D    arabi, tahereh    2014-05-06
66    Effect of Some Stabilizers on the physical properties of Whipped Cream and prediction of these properties using Artificial Neural Network    M.Sc.    Faraji, Babak    2014-05-06
67    production of lycopene-loaded nanocarriers and evaluation of its physicochemical properties    M.Sc.    akhoondi, ali    2014-06-02
68    Evaluation of Characterization of Multilayer Microencapsulation as vanillin Carrier and Modeling of its Release under simulated oral conditions Using Multi-Agent Systems    Ph.D    Noshad, Mohammad    2014-06-10
69    Evaluation of physicochemical, rheological, functional and bioactivity of basil seed gum fractions and preparation of basil seed gum nanoparticles as a carrier of glutathione    Ph.D    Naji Tabassi, Sara    2014-06-10
70    Optimization and production of Functional Dark Chocolate with Roasted Soy and Oak Acron powder as Cocoa Substitutes    Ph.D    Zaerzadeh, Elham    2014-06-11
71    Production of Curcumin–Loaded Lipid Nanocarriers and Evaluation of Its Physicochemical Properties and Release    Ph.D    Bolourian, shadi    2014-06-14
72    Isolation and identification of the lactic acid bacteria from traditional Iranian butter and evaluation their potential as a cholesterol-reducing probiotics in industrial butter    Ph.D    Ostadzadeh, Mahboubeh    2014-06-15
73    Optimization of Processing Conditions and Formulation of Snack Containing Germinated Mung Bean    Ph.D    fayyaz, nasrin    2014-06-15
74    Modeling of prediction of bioactive compounds production in probiotic yoghurt produced by commercial starter cultures and isolates obtained from artisanal yoghurt    Ph.D    tavakkoli fadiheh, maryam    2014-06-16
75    Production of sorghum malt powder by using microwaves and evaluation its replacement by part of sugar in gluten free oil cake    Ph.D    Sahraiyan, Bahareh    2014-06-16
76    Pretreatment of sorghum for extraction of β-glucan by sonication and its utilization as a fat replacer in gluten free oil cake    Ph.D    Naghipour, Fariba    2014-06-16
77    Production of microcapsules with essential oil and investigation on their application in layer by layer edible coating in order to extending of cucumber shelf life    Ph.D    Nikkhah, Shohreh    2014-06-16
78    Manufacturing foaming machine and investigate the stability of foam banana milk shake and optimization methods foam mat (oven, microwave and freeze dryer) drying of Banana Milk shake    Ph.D    pourhaji, fatema    2015-01-05
79    Evaluation properties of soy protein isolate fibrils and produced multilayer microcapsules and the possibility of its use as a carrier of two flavor    Ph.D    Ansarifar, Elham    2015-01-05
80    3D Simulation of Heat and Mass Transfer Process during Convective Drying of Apple Slices by Pseudospectral Method and Studying of Thermal Changes by Infrared Thermography    Ph.D    pasban, atena    2015-01-06
81    Limonene nanoencapsulation with Alyssum homolocarpum seed gum by electrospraying process and modeling of its release in the mouth using the numerical solution method    Ph.D    khoshakhlagh, khadije    2015-01-06
82    Effect of extruded Sorghum flour, hydrocolloids, freezing treatment and frozen storage on the physicochemical, microscopic and structural properties of frozen cookie dough and its quality cookie    Ph.D    Hasanpoor, Nasim    2015-01-06
83    Evaluation the effect of osmotic pretreatment and various drying methods (oven, vacuum and compound ultrasound-vacuum) on the physicochemical characteristics of ostrich meat    Ph.D    naybandi atashi, sahar    2015-01-06
84    Assessment the possibility of biodegradation of polyethylene food packaging by selected bacteria    Ph.D    MONTAZER, ZAHRA    2015-02-01
85    Effect of extrusion variables and the feed composition on physicochemical properties of solid foams made from corn starch and sesame seeds and product quality control using fuzzy logic    Ph.D    beiraghi toosi, shahram    2015-02-02
86    Effect of different concentrations of xantan gum, freezing process, freeze/thaw cycles and freeze storage on rheological and structural properties of frozen sweet dough and its baking quality    Ph.D    akbarian, mina    2015-02-03
87    Production of an antimicrobial edible coating based on Plantago major seed mucilage in combination with dill and tarragon essential oils: its properties and application in beef    Ph.D    alizadeh behbahani, behrooz    2015-02-03
88    Encapsulation of grape waste (Vitis viniferia ssp. sativa) polyphenolic compounds and their microcapsules release under processing (Temperature , pH and Time) and simulated gastrointestinal conditions    Ph.D    hassani, bahram    2015-03-10
89    Effect of Lepidium perfoliatum seed gum-oleic acid emulsion coating on mass transfer kinetics and physiochemical properties of the osmotic-hot air dehydrated apple    M.Sc.    mohammadkhani, maryam    2015-03-11
90    Evalution of Whey Protein Consentrate (WPC) and Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) on the Physical, Chemical and Sensory Properties of Halva Jozi    M.Sc.    Pourebrahim, Shookoufeh    2015-03-11
91    Physicochemical characteristics of Prunus armeniaca L. gum exudates and its application as a new biodegradable film    M.Sc.    fathi, morteza    2015-04-28
92    Mass transfer modeling during osmotic treatment for model system fortification with pomegranate peel phenolic compounds    M.Sc.    hamedi, fatemeh    2015-04-28
93    An Investigation on the Effect of Aloe Vera Coating and Packaging on Quality Properties and Shelf life of Dried Seedless Barberry (Berberis vulgaris)    Ph.D    royatvand, sara    2015-06-13
94    Modelling MAP design and study the effect of chitosan coating enriched with limonene and O2 concentration on quality of cucumber cultivar Royal and determination its shelf life    Ph.D    Maleki, Gisoo    2015-06-13
95    Modelling and simulation of Donut`s mass transfer during frying by deep – fat and air frying method    Ph.D    ghaitaranpour, arash    2015-06-13
96    Classifying of edible vegetable oils according to rejection point and the effect of oxidation on color using digital image analysis and pattern recognition techniques    Ph.D    Azimi, Olga    2015-06-15
97    An investigation on the effect of fish protein powder, frying method and post frying process on physicochemical, mass transfer and micro structure of chicken nugget.    Ph.D    HEYDARI, FATEMEH    2016-01-04
98    Encapsulation of hop compounds lupulon and xanthohumol: Investigation of the potential of them as Substitute of nitrite used in Cocktail sausage    Ph.D    Khatib, Neda    2016-01-05
99    Production of bubbled chocolate and the application of computed tomography in the investigation of the bubbles properties: A feasibility study.    Ph.D    Sarfarazi, Messiah    2016-01-06
100    Study of the behavior of tragacanth and salep coated ostrich meat during osmotic dehydration using physicochemical methods and MR imaging    Ph.D    Alamatian, samaneh    2016-01-06
101    Foam Mat Drying of Milk Cream: Optimization of Foaming Conditions and Investigation of Powder Properties    M.Sc.    Lal Sajjadi, Ali    2016-04-12
102    Effect of enzyme and ultrasound on lycopene kinetic extraction from tomato and effect of emulsion composition, type and concentration of emulsifier on lycopene in vitro bioaccessibility from tomato    M.Sc.    rezaei mehrabadi, alireza    2016-04-12
103    Analysis of food convective drying using exprimental and boltzmann grid methods    Ph.D    majdi, hosein    2016-04-14
104    Prioritize the mix marketing in food-producing companies    M.Sc.    Kargar Mohammad Abadi, Somayeh    2016-07-19
105    Evaluation of Xanthan Gum Effect on Physicochemical Rheological and Sensory Properties of Mint Sauce    M.Sc.    Nakhodchi, Soheila    2016-10-25
106    Design of a hydrogel DDS for control release of Albumin    M.Sc.    taheri, saeed    2016-11-14
107    Multilayered Electrospinning of Gelatin and Zein Nanofibers for Encapsulation of Lycopene    M.Sc.    charpashlo, ismail    2017-03-07
108    Evaluation of the Effects the Different Factors on Apple (Golden delicious) Powder Producting by Foam Mat Drying    M.Sc.    Hadree, Jouhaina    2017-03-07
109    Effect of extrusion cooking on physicochemical, sensory and nutritional properties of barley flour- carrot pomace snack    M.Sc.    lotfi shirazi, sorour    2017-03-07
110    characterization of a new biodegradable film from Eremurus spectabilis: influence of plasticizer type and concentration    M.Sc.    Baratian Ghorghi, Samira    2017-03-07
111    Effect of extruded and non-extruded rice bran on bread properties    M.Sc.    goleij, amir    2017-03-07
112    Cognitive study of model flavored gel-like products by functional magnetic resonance imaging, electroencephalography and signal processing    Ph.D    khalilian, mohammad    2017-09-26
113    Evaluation of the effect of extrusion process and feed composition on physicochemical, textural and sensory properties of corn gritـ confectionery sunflower seed snack    M.Sc.    salehi pour, farideh    2017-12-05